So apparently the way to get the best results from a mixed Garmin/Zwift/Strava setup is: Connect all your devices to Zwift. Don’t actually start recording on your Garmin. Sync: Zwift → Garmin Connect → watch → Garmin Connect. Slightly bonkers, but… now at least I know.

I checked what Apple would off for a trade-in if I decided to upgrade from M1 Max to M2 Max—more from sheer curiosity than any intent to do that; my current laptop is still phenomenal—and it’s shamefully low: a $1,235 trade-in for a machine sold for ~$4,099 15 months ago? No.

Finished reading: The Anglican Way by Thomas McKenzie 📚 – an easy introduction to Anglican-ism for folks outside the tradition. Very little here was new to me (I have an M. Div. and the history classes were good!) but I’d recommend it to curious or confused lay folk.

Finished reading: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin 📚 I have not read a lot of gooks in this genre/space of contemporary fiction about contemporary people—I tend to go in for nonfiction or sci-fi/fantasy. But I am glad I did: It is quite good.

It strikes me: In the amount of time I’ve spent working around quirks in my current static site generator engine plus the amount of time I’ve spent waiting around for it because of its slow design and not-great data structure choices, I’m quite sure I could have written my own. …

Ugghggghhh. Just heard back from the camera shop and my Sony α7R IV is going to have to have its whole main circuit board replaced, for not much less than a new α6400. 😣 The issue doesn’t seem to be widespread, so I just got hit by the vagaries of hardware failure. «sigh»

All right, folks: who among you out there is on Strava, Garmin Connect, or Zwift? Would love to interact with more folks there! I’m on each of those respectively: Strava Garmin Zwift

Starting on Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin this evening. 📚 When one of my best friends and Robin Sloan—two wonderful people who are also very different from each other in reading habits—both gush about a book, it goes on my list.

It is driving me absolutely bonkers not having my good camera (my 3-year-old Sony α7R IV, the sensor of which went bad late in November). I’m still just waiting to hear what I’m in for to have the sensor repaired, and had no idea how often I reach for it until it was absent. 😩

It’s been several weeks now and I have decided that Readwise is more than worth the annual subscription cost, so I have gone ahead and signed up. Glad for services like that to exist, and—equally!—glad for a straightforward business model.

Finished reading: Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control by Stuart Russell 📚 – I’ll likely have more to say about this in the weeks ahead, but for now I’ll summarize with two thoughts: The problems matter. We need non-utilitarians going after this.

Blogged—because I’d love for the process of building a training plan for running and cycling to respect how human lives actually work, which is to say: days are way more fungible than weeks (at least for an amateur like me)! Feature Idea: Week-Level Smart Training Plans

Whoa: Strava informs me that last year I crossed the 10,000 lifetime miles run mark, as well as the 1,500 lifetime hours mark—and I’m probably a month’s training away from crossing 500,000 feet of lifetime climbing on my runs. 🤯 🏃🏻‍♂️

I am trying something out: some Blog-Gardening in Public, i.e. working-in-public on (some) of my bigger essays and idea-pieces. I don’t know of many folks doing things like this, but I hope to help normalize it, because it seems good! More thoughts here.

Just updated my website to make sure that, if you’re reading it on the website, all the things I’ve called out as “Note: …” blocks are also correctly identified as such to screen readers with aria-role and aria-label, and made it trivial to get right going forward. 🎉

My wife ordered me the LEGO Saturn V model for a Christmas present, and it finally arrived yesterday. Doing this is: unreasonably fun.

Blogged—some initial thoughts on Ought’s Elicit “AI Research Assistant” tool, which I spent some time with this evening. If that makes your skepticism radar spike, we’re the same, but I have pretty positive impressions, courtesy of wise UI design choices. Initial Notes on Elicit

I decided I want out of the game of running my own servers for websites this year, and I’m almost done—I’m moving to managed WordPress hosting. Real talk: finding a host to do this in a way I trust and which doesn’t make me 🤯 at the cost is… hard.

It only took me five years (or was it six?) to finish migrating all of my old, no-longer-updated sites out of the shared hosting I used to use (…so, you know, just an extra $300 I paid over the years 🙃) but as of today I have finally shut that account down. Feels good!

Blogged, because I got extremely annoyed thinking about how this doesn’t exist after my long run yesterday: Product Idea: Meal Tracking for Athletes. So annoyed. 😂

Just published: a note on how lovely it is to have (more or less) what I always said I wanted back in high school and college—an orchestra in my pocket.

While Obsidian’s graph view is pretty, and you can make it more useful than the baseline,1 fundamentally, if you make heavy use of links, you just end up with a mess like this. 😂 Local graphs are more useful than the global graph; filters can be illuminating, etc. ↩︎

I’m sort of unreasonably delighted—which is, to be clear, the best kind of delighted—by the color of this new NotNeutral mug (their 10oz Lino is just the best) which arrived today. 🤩

Finally able to spend some time with Dorico v4.3 and I love that in addition to all the feature improvements it landed, it also got some love in terms of just little bits of polish—e.g. the popovers are all just a little bit nicer-looking.

Updated my note on doing solo lines in divisi parts in Dorico this evening, after discovering a fairly key behavioral constraint!