Blogged, because I got extremely annoyed thinking about how this doesn’t exist after my long run yesterday: Product Idea: Meal Tracking for Athletes. So annoyed. 😂

Just published: a note on how lovely it is to have (more or less) what I always said I wanted back in high school and college—an orchestra in my pocket.

While Obsidian’s graph view is pretty, and you can make it more useful than the baseline,1 fundamentally, if you make heavy use of links, you just end up with a mess like this. 😂 Local graphs are more useful than the global graph; filters can be illuminating, etc. ↩︎

I’m sort of unreasonably delighted—which is, to be clear, the best kind of delighted—by the color of this new NotNeutral mug (their 10oz Lino is just the best) which arrived today. 🤩

Finally able to spend some time with Dorico v4.3 and I love that in addition to all the feature improvements it landed, it also got some love in terms of just little bits of polish—e.g. the popovers are all just a little bit nicer-looking.

Updated my note on doing solo lines in divisi parts in Dorico this evening, after discovering a fairly key behavioral constraint!

Just published a new write-up on the difference between doing things like “restructuring your notes system” (puttering, even if productive) and “actually working on the essay your notes are theoretically for” (generative work).

As mentioned earlier, I’m quite bullish on Readwise and its Reader so far—but I have some pretty significant differences with the folks behind it philosophically… as I cover in this Readwise Reader-annotated version of their Reader manifesto. 😏

Pretty strong first impressions here right out of the gate for Readwise—its Obsidian integration in particular is pretty neat, and I think will solve an annoyance I have had for a long time with any “web clipping”/bookmarking system: its disconnect form my notes.

The one thing I would very much like from the Kobo–Pocket integration is: the ability to use the Kobo highlighting to sync highlights to Pocket. (Or to save them locally!) Yes, that would require a Pocket subscription, but it would still be excellent.

Currently reading: Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control by Stuart Russell 📚 I’ve been reading widely in this space for quite some time, but decided I need to brush up onn some of the books in the field, not just essays and blog posts.

One thing I’ve thought about for the past few years: AFAICT no one clicks through the links I cross-post via RSS feed (of the shape [Journal]: some title). Should I do a little “post” introducing and linking it instead? Curious what you good folks think.

I believe the normal first post on a new is “Hello, world!” Or maybe that’s just the first program? Well, either way, here I am: new microblog, hosted on