@baldur At first blush, I (a) totally understand all the motivations and even agree with most of them, but (b) think it just feels worse on a few of them—particularly emphasis vs. strong emphasis and list structures—though admittedly also better on a few others, namely quotes.

@baldur Though notably, on last year's push for web compat and interop, it was – gasp! – Chrome which lagged the other two! (Someday I would like the shine to wear off of Chrome.)

@timapple Strava does this pretty well! Here is the link it generated for my run today, for example, and it also generates a photo of the route you can share directly with stats overlaid on it, like so: You can tweak the map appearance in various ways, and/or you can share photos taken on the …

@rcrackley @rg36 I think the problem is deep and philosophical (and I say this as someone who likes and is paying for Readwise itself): for the Readwise folks, reading is something to be disrupted by computing, rather than something to be complemented or enabled by computing.

@joelhamill The “funny” thing is, the machines haven't actually depreciated that much—you can sell my current machine on eBay for well north of $3K, which is what you'd expect! It's just Apple that doesn’t want to pay you what it’s worth.

@jplupp Heh, fair: I expect to use Zwift less as a social network and more as a thing to feed into the others… and, realistically, the same for Garmin Connect; Strava is a much better experience that way.

@maggie Seems… fraught! You’d have to have extremely high confidence in interpretation to trust that, because misinterpretations/mistranslations (it strikes me that summary is sort of adjacent to translation in this regard) would be extremely costly.

@dfreeman this is my one comparative regret about using micro.blog instead of a Mastodon server for federated microblogging.

@baldur Every time I read one of the “disrupting books” takes I want to just hurl Elizabeth Eisenstein's The Printing Press as an Agent of Change at the head of the person saying it. The codex and the press are astonishing pieces of technology; they have endured for a reason!

@maggie Also, the advent of pretty good wrist-based HR is a gamechanger here. Apple Watch or an entry-level Garmin or Polar will give good enough HR data to do this (or, in the case of Garmin: to train for half marathons!) which lowers the barrier to entry by a lot.

@maggie YES. I switched over to HR-based training, “stay in aerobic range” over a decade ago courtesy of Phil Maffetone and any time anyone talks to me about how much they hate running, I tell them to just run way slower. It makes it suck so much less!

@rcrackley The best friend in question bought it for my wife as a birthday present, and she’s been reading other things, so I just… stole it. 😂

@JohnPhilpin I came across it last year and bounced off of it, which I blame on a marketing website which did not sell me on their actual value proposition, at least at the time. I saw a couple folks (here and otherwise) recommend it late in 2022 and took another look and: It’s really good!

@cliffordbeshers This is a great shot. 👏🏼

@lmika This summary makes sense to me! …for the purpose of furthering their career, either by getting a higher position, stature, or making money on the side. I would definitely say that it’s going to be in the “the more you put in, the more you get out” bucket—especially for those kinds of …

@joelhamill Thanks! So far I have spent half an hour with a big goofy grin plastered across my face. 😆

@lmika A few notes in response here: Getting feedback: I reserve this for more substantive pieces. If you're writing a Dan Luu- or Hillel Wayne-style deep dive, that's different from a 400-word quick note about something you learned! For a big, long piece you hope will deeply inform, change …

@becky This was a lovely and very encouraging reflection. Our last few years have been much as you described yours—different details, some broad strokes. Thanks for the thoughtful (re)framing!

@ayjay @pimoore Same – the physical affordances of the phone are actually pretty poor for photography; I’ve increasingly come to appreciate the physical affordances of dedicated cameras for exactly that reason. (Dedicated devices are often better in this way, it turns out!)

@pimoore This is the point where all the Leica fans show up and mob you for making that claim. 😂

Realized: I'm overthinking this (old habits die hard). Just paying the WordPress.com tax and moving on with my life: the whole point here is to stop thinking about this, and I was doing the opposite. 🙃

@jasonekratz Yeah, I am astonished that the Watch app for streaks still doesn't afford days off. It's not like athletes and non-athletes alike haven't been yelling at Apple for years now about how unhealthy that is at the baseline, still less when injured or ill! The trend idea sort of works with …

It’s those things which—despite the occasional headaches that crop up with any software this complex (especially in its interactions with other extremely complex software like sample libraries!)—keep Dorico as one of my favorite pieces of software. It’s a genuinely great tool.

@benmccormick Yeah, I think that’s right as well. They’re related, even if not identical!

@benmccormick Yep, I like that distinction as well—though I would also say that “snacking” could be in the bucket of “generative work”; it just might not be the most valuable generative work at any given time.