@mwerickson That’s a great stack. Have you read any or all of the Alter before? I’ve had my eyes on that as something I’d like to pick up for years.

@toddgrotenhuis That's super handy to know (and thanks for the link in the follow-on post)—I also expect I will do a “move the imported file for further processing and note-munging once done with it” approach: let Readwise update as it will until I’m done, then do whatever cleanup, linking, etc.

@mindofaaronw Good to hear it’s continuing to work well for you! That is encouraging as I’m juuuust getting stated with it today.

@jaheppler Yeah, I was skeptical—these things don't have a great track record for me!—and it took some tweaking to get it to work with the rest of my system the way I wanted, but as it stands I'm really happy with it. I mean: two hours in, so I’ll report back in a few weeks. 😅

@jasonekratz She's great! It's always funny when someone "pops up" that way as it were; for me it was actually following a little IndieWeb thread starting via her Mastodon-synced prezence here!

@rcrackley It also matches how I most effectively used Twitter for sharing. Makes sense, I guess?

@joshuapsteele You can use Outliner to get a Logseq-ish workflow. I think some folks also use Logseq with Obsidian. Since at the end of the day both are “it’s all just text”-style tools, that is possible, though I don’t know how recommended/easy. For my own part, what I tend to do is let notes build …

@joshuapsteele A useful, related, further note on mocks and stubs here (Mark is well worth a subscribe!).

@joshuapsteele many congratulations, and thanks be to God!

@ReaderJohn Human bodies are so… wacky.

@toddgrotenhuis Yeah, I stole the idea from Jason Santa Maria, whose blog I saw it on years and years ago. It means the URLs are never a worry!

@KyleEssary @joshuapsteele I wanted to double down on a part of this: I grew up on a church that is best described, sociologically speaking (and somewhat theologically speaking, too) as a cult. The abusive pastor thing? Been there, seen that. My parents, who were closer to it than me, are in many …

@joshuapsteele This is dreadfully uncharitable (and lack of charity is, dare I say it, a sin!). Not one of the evangelicals I have spent spent my life around matches that description or anything close to it. Are there leaders who have lived that way? No doubt: I could name a few myself. But the vast …

@lmika there's a very commonly-used package called cosmiconfig which lets you put it in a whole host of places and have it Just Work™. So if you like having fifteen .my-tool.yml files, you can! …but mostly don't have to. That said, it definitely is valuable to split out for big enough projects …

@lmika I don't think pointing to Maven as an alternative approach is going to persuade web developers. Rather the opposite, I should think. 🥴 Most configs can go in package.json anyway!

@frostedechoes Thank you! It was even lovelier in person, of course; but I’m rather proud that I managed to capture any of it.

@ayjay I will pray for your soul and your wallet. 😂

@ayjay aaaaaahhhhhhh I tell myself constantly: No Leica! No!

@lmika I sympathize, deeply. When I did New Rustacean I got very good at doing in-place re-takes. The first pre-recorded talk I did, though… not so much. If you compare that one to one I did this year you’ll see a huge difference in comfort with just keeping going (just like I would giving a talk on …

@lmika One of the tricks I learned is that mostly it does not have to be perfect. It is not a movie! That helps.

@Munish Yeah, I have used Signal off and on for a few years. I think Telegram is a better fit for most of my uses: I do not actually need end to end encryption for most chats, and sync is vakuable to me.

@lmika I thought podcast production was a bear and then I tried making some small videos. Holy smokes it is brutal. There's a reason for the YouTube smash cut.

@frostedechoes Ha! I always crack up a little when that happens to me!

@frostedechoes That’s a lovely quote. Possibly of interest, I preached on Luke’s version of the Prayer back in May, hitting some related themes.

@pimoore @frostedechoes to be clear I don’t have an opinion at all about how people use it. I just see it as a natural consequence of naming and positioning: there are lots of options for longer-form blogging, and people tend to be drawn here for an alternative to Twitter for, well… microblogging, …